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Pay Parity

We are teachers not babysitters

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari taku toa, takitini e
Success is not by the work of one, but by the work of many

No teacher deserves to be paid less just because they are working in ECE.  But it's a fact that they are paid less - a lot less.  ECE is not valued well by our political leaders and by the Ministry of Education. 

If you think it's impossible for this to be any different then it will stay that way.  The best thing you can do is make a start to change this. Don't stay in this old bubble of thinking.  Mindset is everything.  If you set your mind to it anything is possible. So, step outside the bubble of thinking that it's impossible and support early childhood teachers to get the pay and recognition they deserve. 

Together, with your help we can make the impossible - possible.

Aroha nui, Dr Sarah
(ChildForum CEO)


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The argument for pay parity - why and how, 'in a nutshell'  

It is critically important for the children attending early childhood education (ECE) services that the pay of all early childhood education teachers is on par with their kindergarten, primary and secondary peers. 

Without pay parity qualified teachers will continue to leave the profession and the health, safety, and learning of children will suffer. Even when teachers stay in the sector, when they are disillusioned because of poor remuneration and overworked for the pay that they get, they can withdraw and disengage from children and from their work

For the government to provide the funding needed for pay parity they will need assurance that the taxpayers' dollars are being applied effectively to achieve the government's goals. There will need to be transparency around services' funding, to prove that pay parity is being applied.

See the Open Letter to Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern and to Hon Chris Hipkins 

Find information, research, funding and pay figures in the ECE Pay Parity book  

Campaign Updates

Petition, go to:

Posters to share, print and display 


If you don’t believe you can make a difference the best thing you can do is make a start. You can help by doing even just one of the above things.   

Teacher Pay book

Teacher Pay Parity Book

For a complete copy of the book, click here to read   Or email us for your free copy – email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1. The Lead-Up to the Campaign for Pay Parity
2. The Problem

2.1. Having a qualified workforce brings with it demands for higher wages reflective of qualification and professional status 
2.2. Teachers are subsidising ECE
2.3. Current pay levels 
2.4. Why would anyone want to spend a lot of time and money to become a qualified teacher and work in ECE today?
2.5. Slippage in the quality of ECE has become a serious worry 
2.6. Current methods and policy are failing 
3. The Solution 
3.1. Improve salary attestation rates 
3.2. Make sure funding for pay parity results in pay parity 
4. What Cannot Help as Much as We Might Want to Believe 
4.1. Joining a union 
4.2. The Government’s 10-year ECE strategic plan 
4.3. The re-introduction of a funding band for 100% qualified and certificated teachers and the exacerbation of inequity
5. A Teacher is a Teacher 
5.1. Why lower pay is not about gender or work role
5.2. Where is NZEI Te Riu Roa on campaigning for pay parity?
5.3. Are kindergartens fundamentally different to other services in ECE?
6. Summary
7. Concluding Comment

1. Salary attestation rates 
2. Pay parity rates
3. Kindergarten teacher working conditions 
4. Current funding rates by service type 
5. Glossary 

Keep our qualified teachers in ECE - pay parity is essential ARTICLES AND DATA

Funding and accountability concerns

Sector Survey

Thought pieces on the effects of low pay on teachers and exploitation

ECE Teacher Pay Parity Poster

The differences between 'Pay Equity' x and 'Pay Parity' 

NZEI's ill-thought out 11% wage jolt plan

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Parent Survey tool for ECE Services and report

The NZ ECE Survey of Parent Satisfaction and Experience© ChildForum is a purpose-built survey used by all types of centres and home-based ECE organisations.

The term 'parent' includes caregivers or anyone who has a regular or long-term involvement in the care of the child.

check boxes

Parents and caregivers can do the survey on their mobile device - so there's no need for paper and pens any more!  

The results will be collated and you will be sent a confidential report for your service.

The survey allows you to monitor changes in parent needs and whether improvements your service has made are being noticed and having the desired effects.  Just repeat the survey around the same time each year or every two years for comparison of results.



Give your early childhood service the marketing advantage!

Parent satisfaction levels are important to know and to monitor.

Show families your service is committed to quality and being the best it can be for their child!

Meet ERO and regulation requirements to consult and obtain feedback from parents, especially on key operational and quality matters affecting children.

Run this independent, sector tested, and confidential survey to learn how families perceive and rate your service on different dimensions and what you can do to increase parental satisfaction levels.

Feedback from parents is vital to building good relationships with families and maintaining quality for children.


Problems with doing your own 'in-house' survey

You could choose to do an in-house survey but problems faced by services that do their own surveys include:

Questionnaires that
(a) are poorly constructed,
(b) are not tested before implementation, and
(c) often include questions that force parents to give answers that the service wants to hear instead of what it needs to hear.

Lack of objectivity:
(a) bias toward seeking the participation of some families over others and
(b) bias in what answers are accepted and recorded and reported. It's natural to want good results and this means that bias can occur easily when feedback is collected and analysed internally within a service organisation.

The best solution is The NZ ECE Survey of Parent Satisfaction and Experience© ChildForum  and have the results independently analysed and reported by research experts.


About the NZ ECE Survey of Parent Satistaction and Experience 

The NZ ECE Survey of Parent Satisfaction and Experience© ChildForum was designed to help ECE service providers understand better what parents and caregivers think about their experience and support providers to consider what they could do to raise parent satisfaction levels and improve their service further.

The survey has been extensively trialled in different formats and in different ECE services. Any ECE service can register to use the survey. From the date of registration results can be with the service within 6 - 8 weeks, this includes set-up, giving parents/caregivers up to 3 weeks to complete the survey, collation of the results, and preparation of a PDF results report.

The NZ ECE Survey of Parent Satisfaction and Experience© ChildForum is available as an Online Survey or as a traditional paper based survey.

To use the survey an ECE service must first apply to become a Registered User. Registration runs for 12 months from the date that registration is accepted, after which time it expires or a user may renew by completing the registration form again and requesting renewal. 



To register

1. Download the registration form -  pdfEarly Childhood Education Service Parent Survey registration form

2. Complete the form

3. Email or post the completed form to ChildForum

We will reply and let you know if your registration can be accepted and discuss details such as your preferred starting date.  We will also email an invoice to you should any fee be payable. 


Service Provider comments to give you more insight into how the survey operates and its benefits

Joelle Broom Pretorius • (Future Kids Preschool, Hamilton and New Plymouth)
I found the communication with ChildForum really efficient about how to use this service (and under our membership it was free). It was super easy to set up. I appreciated the opportunity to do a test run of the survey myself prior to sending it to all our parents. I thought the questions in the survey were good and would provide us with good insights. We were not disappointed in this regard. We ran the survey at our 2 centres and had better participation in one over the other due to demographics and parents having access to internet. Running for 2 weeks with an incentive on offer helped us gain participation too. We now have some good insights to work from.

Eric Hollis (Ole Schoolhouse Centre, Rotorua)
We have recently completed our third survey – we do it every two years. We were thrilled that 60% of our families took part. While it is always a bit nerve-racking waiting for the results, I cannot recommend the process highly enough. On one hand it affirms what you do well and on the other – it gives real data to use in self-review. Our recent survey helped us to strengthen the way we work with vulnerable families, which has been really helpful. We have shared the outcomes with all our staff and families, but it is up to you how you use the results. The ERO are always interested to know how we involve families and this is one very positive way to do that.



Articles, journal books, Childcare quality and choices DVDs


Journal individual articles or select books 

NZ Int Reseach ECE journal picSingle article PDF 
Select and purchase a PDF copy of any article published in the Journal for personal use only. To see the articles available click on the link to go to the contents page  article titles, author names, and publication date

  • Articles are $18.00 each, per pdf copy 

We have a limited number of past publications of the NZRECE Journal up to Volume 14, 2014.  To check out the contents or articles in each journal volume click here for more information.  Obtain a set of any 6 past issues of the journals shown below for just $100.00 - this is a tremendous saving.  Or purchase individually:

Vol. 17, 2014 - $29.00

Vol. 15, 2012 - $22.90

Vol. 14, 2011 - $22.90

 Vol. 13, 2010 - $22.90

 Vol. 10, 2007 - $19.90  Vol. 9, 2006 - $19.90  Vol. 8, 2005 - $19.90  Vol. 6, 2003 - $19.00

Should a particular volume no longer be available we will contact you and give you the choice of replacement or provide a refund. 

To order - Email your order to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and state: 

  1. the journal book, or the title and author of the article you wish to purchase (if you wish to purchase two or more articles, list each clearly to make sure you receive what you want).  
  2. the date that you have made payment by internet banking or by credit card.
  3. what email address you want the pdf article sent to, or what postal address you want the books sent to.

Pay by direct credit from your bank account to ChildForum's account: 02 0528 0187061 00. In the details line put in your name and the date of your order/email so we know the payment is from you.

OR pay by credit card/ direct card 

Make your selection

Your order will not be sent  until payment is received.


What you want to know ece

DVD for parents and students on the features and quality of early childhood services New Zealand 

A range of options for the care and education of young children are shown in this beautiful NZ made DVD:

  • Family daycare arrangements (also known as home-based services)
  • Preschool and childcare centres including kindergartens, daycare, Nga Kohanga Reo and Pacific Island language centres
  • Playcentres
  • Nannies and babysitters
  • Shared childcare arrangements with another family
  • Having your child at work with you

What you can expect to see children doing and learning in licensed services is discussed in this DVD.

The benefits and the disadvantages of using a childcare/early education service are covered.

Guidance for selecting a service is provided including reasons for the importance of a good match between service, the child and the family.

The final part of the DVD covers a broad range of questions from the perspectives of parents, teachers, early childhood leaders and health professionals.

Price:  $15.90 per DVD (plus $5 postage & handling) 


If you would like to contact ChildForum, please fill out your details below and we will get back to you ASAP if needed.


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