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Teaching - How, Why and Teaching ideas

Co-construction, Problem-Solving, Scaffolding and Hypothesising: Super Teaching for Super Success
Scientific learning in early childhood education – what can we teachers do to support this?
Integrating New Zealand sign language into our ECE settings – how teachers can help
Sign Language and Signing for Babies and Toddlers
Helping a Preschool Child Learn Pre-Reading Skills
Self Review: How You Can Work Smarter, Not Harder for Best Practice
The importance of a play-based approach - Helping young learners to flourish
Do You Allow (Or Even Encourage) Gun Play?
Te Whariki Early Childhood Curriculum Review and How it Compares to the Early Years Framework for Australia
Using ICT as Part of Children's Learning: What One Kindergarten Did
Appropriate Ways to Introduce and Use ICT with Children and Questions to Consider
"Putting the Cog into Cognitive": Theories to Put into Practice When Teaching Young Children
An Example of Child Directed Learning
Pikler and Gerber Theories: Putting Ideas into Practice and Questions / Issues
Ko Tau Rourou Ko Taku Rourou ā Kua Mārama Shared Understandings and Reflection on Wairua
An Authentic Version of the Concept of Tuakana-Teina dictated by Whakapapa
The iPad and other Tablets: Handy Technology for Learning and What to Consider
Edible Gardens - A Valuable Resource for Early Childhood Teaching and Learning
Heuristic Play and Treasure Baskets
The Importance of Fun in the Learning Process
It all Comes Out in the Wash! Teaching Style and Thinking About The Kind of Teacher You Are
Literacy Learning and Teaching Essentials to Know
Concept Mapping with 3- to 6-year olds to Support Meaningful Learning
Men Who Change Nappies, Change the World
Books Children Prefer
Exposing Children to [Real] Art
Colouring-in Books and Drawing Templates

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