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Title Created Date Hits
Centralised payment of ECE teacher wages and integrated state ECE services: NZEI 06 August 2019 Hits: 1815
Ingredients for a truly ‘community’ based successful preschool 31 July 2019 Hits: 439
What the rise in ECE complaints actually tells us 27 June 2019 Hits: 1055
Only a 1% rise in minimum wage rates stipulated by the Ministry of Education for most teachers in early childhood centres 04 June 2019 Hits: 3552
Budget 2019: Does it support wellbeing in early care and education? 30 May 2019 Hits: 1651
Caring about children’s early education - Survey results 2019 27 May 2019 Hits: 596
Christchurch Shooting: How best to support children's learning and coping in the aftermath of it 18 March 2019 Hits: 728
Failing to make the grade: Ministry of Education and ERO handling of early childhood services not meeting minimum standards in 2018 15 March 2019 Hits: 2676
Insights into how mothers choose early childhood education and care: Ministry of Social Development Report 07 March 2019 Hits: 654
China-NZ relations in early education flying high 21 February 2019 Hits: 586
Doing their best to keep children cool as temperatures soar 29 January 2019 Hits: 2381
Public funding available to open a new centre or expand a current service 28 January 2019 Hits: 1323
Early childhood teacher training scholarships 2019 09 January 2019 Hits: 2663
What is in the Draft Strategic Plan for Early Learning 19 November 2018 Hits: 2515
Changed English Language Requirements for Teacher Registration 19 November 2018 Hits: 1302
Child kicked out for attendance of less than 7 hours a day 07 November 2018 Hits: 1066
Get the facts on the early childhood teacher shortage/ turnover in NZ 01 November 2018 Hits: 3303
A recipe for disaster (Early Childhood Council) 30 October 2018 Hits: 4521
Saying goodbye to election promises of funding for 100% qualified teachers 28 October 2018 Hits: 1462
Safety of children first - How a centre came to breach regulations 11 October 2018 Hits: 1655

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