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Title Created Date Hits
Regulation change for centres on the ‘Person Responsible’ requirement 08 January 2020 Hits: 3515
Overseas ECE teachers backed by the Minister of Education over local teachers 06 January 2020 Hits: 564
Early childhood teacher training scholarships 2020 05 August 2020 Hits: 3523
Funding Parity with 'Free' Kindergartens 20 December 2019 Hits: 2031
Supporters of the Petition for ECE Teacher Pay Parity 19 December 2019 Hits: 1136
Government's New Early Learning Action Plan – Why is there not more excitement about it? 04 December 2019 Hits: 653
Eating in early childhood centres: Survival of the fittest versus safety 19 November 2019 Hits: 1516
Look out Labour, here comes National with its Education Discussion Document 13 November 2019 Hits: 2420
Recruiting Overseas Teachers – Has the ECC Business Group Got It Right? 05 November 2019 Hits: 660
An Open Letter from Early Childhood Teachers to Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern and to Hon Chris Hipkins 29 October 2019 Hits: 4220
Triple the number of teachers referred to the Disciplinary Tribunal shows profession under stress 27 October 2019 Hits: 1216
Staff without an early childhood education qualification to be responsible for early childhood centres 08 October 2019 Hits: 2921
External review needed of Ministry of Education’s work to ensure child safety in ECE 07 October 2019 Hits: 2641
Misleading: NZEI’s claim it can deliver an immediate 11% pay increase to all ECE teachers 07 October 2019 Hits: 2232
How much funding is too much to go on management salaries and profit instead of on children and teacher salaries? 06 October 2019 Hits: 4565
Amazing Honeybees all the buzz in early childhood education 25 September 2019 Hits: 420
A tree fell in an early childhood centre and everyone heard it 27 August 2019 Hits: 2885
Centralised payment of ECE teacher wages and integrated state ECE services: NZEI 06 August 2019 Hits: 2230
Ingredients for a truly ‘community’ based successful preschool 31 July 2019 Hits: 862
What the rise in ECE complaints actually tells us 27 June 2019 Hits: 1400

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